Dutch Noni Ghost at Awful Hotel Malang

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Dutch Noni Ghost at Awful Hotel Malang
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This horror story is about a hotel in Malang City that had gone viral on social media, which tells a lot of mystical stories experienced by the hotel's visitors. This hotel is known as a haunted hotel in Malang City, but until now, this famous hotel is haunted, there are still many visitors staying at the hotel.

This hotel, which is located in Malang City, was built quite a long time ago, precisely in 1918. Because it was built during the Dutch colonial era, this hotel often appears three ghost sightings from the Dutch Noni.

This is already known by the employees who work there, the ghost usually appears or appears on the third floor, and according to the story, at that time there was a group of tourists staying at the hotel and the tourists stayed for 5 days.

During the first day of the tourists' stay, a tourist walking down the hall heard a strange sound from inside the room. When the tourist got closer to the strange sound, suddenly the strange sound disappeared as soon as an apparition appeared. The tourist saw a Dutch Noni figure, then the next day the tourist saw the same Dutch Noni sighting again.

The Dutch Noni's face was pale and very scary, because of that the group of tourists who had previously checked in for 5 days, immediately checked out, left the hotel.

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Not only the tourist group who saw the apparition figure at the hotel, but many people also claimed to have seen 3 apparition figures, namely the Dutch Noni. The 3 ghost figures have been given the nickname by the general public, namely the three beautiful ghosts.

This hotel had become viral on tik tok, because someone was staying at the hotel. They experienced strange things that finally they only lasted 15 minutes and left the hotel.

The video uploaded on TikTok with the account name @fmpeg evokes his experience while staying at the hotel, in the TikTok video, he tells that he and his girlfriend chose to stay at this hotel because the price was quite cheap.

When they were at the Hotel they felt that something was strange, the hotel looked quiet, the sound of knocking on the door until they saw a black shadow. Because of the many strange things they felt, they only lasted 15 minutes and after that, they left the hotel.

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